Anno 1800 Board Game Music & Ambience

Set sail for a riveting experience that enhances your Anno 1800 gameplay with:

🚢 Visuals from the Game: Immerse yourself in the spirit of the 19th century with scenes from the game (our own shots).
🎵 Atmospheric Background Music: Complement your board game session with a carefully curated playlist of classical and cinematic pieces, carefully mixed together.
⛵ Ocean and City Sounds: Dive deeper into the world of Anno 1800 with calm ambient sounds of ocean waves, busy ports, and cities.

Join us on this extraordinary journey through the age of innovation and discovery!

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Anno 1800?

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About the Artists and Tracks

Visuals, Mixing, Editing & SFX:

  • Original Video material created by BoardGameMusic Team
  • Mixing, editing and layering with sound effects was done by the BoardGameMusic team.
  • The selection of tracks was made by the BoardGameMusic team with care to fit the theme and game.

Musicians and tracks in this video:

Timestamp Song Name Artist Name
00:00 Theory of Lost Memories Marco Martini
03:55 Won the Battle but Lost the War Martin Puehringer
07:02 Up the Hill over the Mountain Will Van De Crommert
10:22 Reminiscence Ben Winwood
14:43 Illusions John Dada & the Weathermen
17:53 Utopia Veaceslav Draganov
20:58 Prayer Ruiqi Zhao
24:28 Awakening Will Van De Crommert
27:38 Twilight Kyle Preston
30:58 On a Summer Day Tommy Jervidal
33:40 Discovering New Lands Kyle Preston
38:48 Away Ian Post
42:04 Departures Ardie Son
45:23 Sunken Days Ardie Son
48:08 A Light on the Hill Andreas Kübler
51:38 La Boca Fiesta Maya Belsitzman & Matan Ephrat
54:33 Time Traveller Sebastian Pangal
57:08 The Only Survivor Alan A Craig
58:08 Silhouette Ardie Son
01:00:48 Sojourner Ardie Son
01:04:08 Comfortable Silence Break of Reality
01:05:53 Eclipse David Morton
01:07:52 City of Lights Hot Rod Elegants
01:10:52 Gladys Aylward Jean-Miles Carter
01:14:38 Monsoon Jean-Miles Carter
01:19:48 Moonlight Waltz Jonas Kolberg
01:22:17 Relativity Kevin Graham
01:24:58 Zoom Out Muted
01:29:58 Una Nueva Alba Patrick Ussher
01:34:48 Meet You in My Dreams Ruiqi Zhao
01:37:48 Smile Shahead Mostafafar
01:40:23 Tombeau de Vivaldi SPEARFISHER
01:44:13 Solitude Zac Nelson
01:46:08 Hope Ian Post
01:47:43 Interlude Eleven Tales
01:51:13 Rise Again Ziv Moran
01:54:58 Covenant Kevin Graham
01:57:53 Ive Heard Angels Will Van De Crommert
01:59: 58 Typical Day Borrtex

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