Cascadia Board Game Music & Ambience

Immerse yourself in the serene landscapes of the Pacific Northwest as you dive into your game of Cascadia! This video is specifically crafted to enhance your board game experience by providing:

🌲 Nature and Animal Scenes: Enjoy the visual backdrop of cascading waterfalls, majestic mountain ranges, and diverse wildlife.

🦌 Interesting Facts: As you navigate the game, enrich your experience with interesting information about the Pacific Northwest region and its nature.

🎼 Background Music: Elevate your game with a harmonious blend of instrumental music. We carefully selected Tracks, mixed and edited them into a fitting soundtrack experience.

🍃 Nature Sounds: Dive even more into the atmosphere with the soothing sounds of nature. We combined those with the music.

Whether you’re a seasoned Cascadia player or just discovering the game, this video promises a captivating backdrop that resonates with the game’s theme.

We hope, you enjoy it!

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About the Artists and Tracks

Visuals, Mixing, Editing & SFX:

  • Video material created by BoardGameMusic Team with digital tools (manual combined with AI).
  • Mixing, editing and layering with sound effects was done by the BoardGameMusic team.
  • The selection of tracks was made by the BoardGameMusic team with care to fit the theme and game.

Musicians and tracks in this video:

Timestamp Song Name Artist
00:00:00Your LoveBen Winwood
00:03:25100 Stars VanishedBeneath The Mountain
00:05:27GodnattsagaBeneath The Mountain
00:07:47Scottish HighlandsBen Winwood
00:09:37CharangoBen Winwood
00:11:23Padri E FigliBottega Baltazar
00:12:43For Old TimesJamie Rutherford
00:16:45Somebodys MotherKevin Graham
00:19:49CascadeKyle Preston
00:22:01The FallMichael Shynes
00:26:51Center of the SeaMichael Vignola
00:29:12LineOak and Cherry
00:33:13Wired – Instrumental VersionThe Talbott Brothers
00:37:16Without a Doubt – Instrumental VersionThe Talbott Brothers
00:41:27Once in Royal Davids CityArdie Son
00:44:02Sleeper ValleyArdie Son
00:46:13The First NoelArdie Son
00:49:14Through the WoodsTony Petersen
00:52:35The Lamp Kept Us Warm but Now We Walk feat Olivia DixonTrevor Ransom
00:57:02IciclesYehezkel Raz
01:01:45Butterfly – Instrumental VersionIan Post
01:05:38SolsticeJamie Rutherford
01:08:03TornadoLiron Meyuhas
01:10:18AbsenceMichael FK
01:12:23OpenOak and Cherry
01:15:30Night SkiesPaper Planes
01:20:29Cherished Memento – Instrumental VersionSteven Beddall
01:23:06100 Stars VanishedBeneath The Mountain
01:25:08For Old TimesJamie Rutherford
01:29:12LineOak and Cherry