Dark Exploration | Calm Horror Ambience with Sounds and subtle Music

Step into the shadows with this Ambient Dark Exploration Video, a serene yet eerie horror ambience perfect for enhancing your sleep, gaming, reading, or relaxation sessions. This unique soundscape combines unsettling sounds with subtle music to create a chilling atmosphere that’s strangely calming.

Dare to explore the dark with us. Your journey into the unknown awaits.

About the Artists and Tracks

Visuals, Mixing, Editing & SFX:

  • Licensed Video Material
  • Mixing, editing and layering was done by the BoardGameMusic team.
  • The selection of sounds was made by the BoardGameMusic team with care to fit the theme.
timestamp Song name Artist name
00:00:00 Fight Through Ethan Sloan
00:02:25 Isolation Farrell Wooten
00:04:14 Multifoil Ethan Sloan
00:06:04 Out of Line Ethan Sloan
00:08:25 Paranormal Activities Jon Bjork
00:09:30 The Black Hole Ethan Sloan
00:11:47 Prisms Ethan Sloan
00:13:45 Rattle Zone Edward Karl Hanson
00:15:35 Shiver Ethan Sloan
00:17:29 Stay or Go Farrell Wooten
00:19:11 A Bad Place to Be Bonn Fields
00:21:16 Air Pocket Ethan Sloan
00:23:40 Antimony Ethan Sloan
00:25:34 Burial Hour Farrell Wooten
00:27:16 Chasm Jon Bjork
00:28:22 Cold Winds Ethan Sloan
00:30:28 Corrivation Ethan Sloan
00:32:30 Dark Tendencies Ethan Sloan
00:34:50 Disembogue Ethan Sloan
00:36:58 Ghosts Onboard Farrell Wooten
00:39:05 Grave Swap Edward Karl Hanson
00:40:44 He’s Still Out There Wendel Scherer
00:42:37 In the Dungeon Martin Klem
00:44:14 In the Shadows Wendel Scherer
00:46:00 Outer Space Kikoru
00:47:58 Paralyzed Ethan Sloan
00:49:52 Phantoms Ethan Sloan
00:51:40 Presence Jon Bjork
00:53:25 Scare Tactics Edward Karl Hanson
00:55:10 Shadows Moving Ethan Sloan
00:57:05 Shallow Grave Edward Karl Hanson
00:58:53 Shapeless Jon Bjork
01:00:39 Silent Screams Ethan Sloan
01:02:28 Solitude Farrell Wooten
01:04:12 Spectral Ethan Sloan
01:06:00 Stalker Ethan Sloan
01:07:58 The Abyss Ethan Sloan
01:09:45 The Attic Ethan Sloan
01:11:30 The Haunting Ethan Sloan
01:13:18 The Void Jon Bjork
01:15:03 Through the Mist Ethan Sloan
01:16:58 Under the Bed Ethan Sloan
01:18:44 Unknown Entity Ethan Sloan
01:20:29 Unseen Fear Ethan Sloan
01:22:15 Watchful Eyes Ethan Sloan
01:24:00 Whispers Ethan Sloan
01:25:45 Wraith Jon Bjork

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