Mice and Mystics Board Game Music & Ambience

Embark on a whimsical journey through the enchanted realms of Mice and Mystics with this ambience video. Let the magic of this popular board game take you on a journey as our video brings to life the stories of courage and friendship that characterize this fantasy adventure.

Join us on this heartwarming adventure as we delve into a story of bravery and the bonds of true friendship!

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About the Artists and Tracks

Visuals, Mixing, Editing & SFX:

  • Original Video material created by BoardGameMusic Team
  • Mixing, editing and layering with sound effects was done by the BoardGameMusic team.
  • The selection of tracks was made by the BoardGameMusic team with care to fit the theme and game.

Musicians and tracks in this video:

Timestamp Song Name Artist Name
00:00:00Curiosity’s AwokenJon Bjork
00:01:50A Fool’s ErrandJon Bjork
00:04:11A Thing of BeautyJo Wandrini
00:06:31A Useful CraftJon Bjork
00:08:34Art CulinaireRaymond Grouse
00:10:26Challenging DisasterJohn Barzetti
00:12:48Dance of the DryadsEtienne Roussel
00:14:33Fay in MistMagnus Ludvigsson
00:20:04Fog LakeSpectacles Wallet and Watch
00:22:06Follow the FalconDavid Celeste
00:23:54For the Rest of Our DaysAdriel Fair
00:26:27From Seat to SeaJon Bjork
00:28:55Frosty TaleLudvig Moulin
00:33:22Governor Of The NorthJo Wandrini
00:36:11In the Mystic WoodsSpectacles Wallet and Watch
00:38:08Inspector TroubleLeimoti
00:40:20Into the Wild WoodsJon Bjork
00:42:10Magician’s BookStationary Sign
00:44:07Memories SoarJon Bjork
00:46:23Pixie DanceEtienne Roussel
00:48:07Reversed ThoughtsSpectacles Wallet and Watch
00:50:06Sincere ConfessionJon Bjork
00:52:21Small MysteriesLeimoti
00:54:28Solid BubbleJerry Lacey
00:56:49Sparkle and SwirlRaymond Grouse
00:58:35Sparring PartnerJon Bjork
00:59:05The BatoideaMartin Landh
01:02:05The Cemetary DanceJon Bjork
01:04:22The Shields AdvanceJon Bjork
01:04:52Through Rain and MistBonn Fields
01:06:36TourmalineBonn Fields
01:08:34Two Imaginary FriendsJon Bjork
01:09:06When You’re ReadySpectacles Wallet and Watch
01:11:01Without Further AdoJon Bjork
01:13:03Art CulinaireRaymond Grouse
01:14:55Challenging DisasterJohn Barzetti
01:17:17Dance of the DryadsEtienne Roussel
01:19:02Fay in MistMagnus Ludvigsson
01:24:33Memories SoarJon Bjork
01:26:49Pixie DanceEtienne Roussel
01:28:33Reversed ThoughtsSpectacles Wallet and Watch
01:30:32Sincere ConfessionJon Bjork
01:32:47Curiosity’s AwokenJon Bjork
01:34:37A Fool’s ErrandJon Bjork
01:36:58Curiosity’s AwokenJon Bjork
01:38:45Through Rain and MistBonn Fields

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