Space Ambience | Sci-Fi Music with Space Sounds and Visual Backdrop

Embark on a tranquil journey through the cosmos with this Space Ambience Video. This self-crafted experience is designed to immerse you in the vastness of space, combining soothing space ambient music with captivating space sounds to create the perfect backdrop for relaxation, board games, sleep, or focused studying.

Featuring an exquisite blend of space music and sci-fi music elements, our video offers a serene escape. The ambient space soundscape, enriched with calming tones, is ideal for anyone seeking a peaceful environment to unwind or concentrate.

About the Artists and Tracks

Visuals, Mixing, Editing & SFX:

  • Licensed Video Material
  • Mixing, editing and layering was done by the BoardGameMusic team.
  • The selection of sounds was made by the BoardGameMusic team with care to fit the theme.
Timestamp Song Name Artist Name
00:00:00 Callisto 8 Ben Elson
00:02:40 Charcoal Stream Curved Mirror
00:06:47 Formless Space Joseph Beg
00:11:45 Galaxy Reborn Mandala Dreams
00:15:33 Helix Nebula Curved Mirror
00:20:34 Howler Mochas
00:23:16 Kepler’s Hope Year of the Deer
00:28:05 Lantern Harbours & Oceans
00:30:41 Lucid Space Joseph Beg
00:33:54 Migratory Birds Curved Mirror
00:39:04 Parallel Events Curved Mirror
00:43:57 Pulsar Jakob Ahlbom
00:46:36 Quadrants Ookean
00:49:47 Smouldering Brendon Moeller
00:53:56 Some Kind of Shadow Mochas
00:56:24 Space Waves Ben Elson
00:59:25 Stay in Orbit Victor Lundberg
01:05:00 Swerve Space Lama House
01:07:43 Twostop By Lotus
01:12:19 Unexpected Visitors Curved Mirror
01:17:19 Upon Entering Another Realm Brendon Moeller
01:24:11 Satellites Ebb & Flod
01:26:14 Gossamer Ambientalism
01:29:45 Incandescence Silver Maple
01:32:04 Alternative Analysis Silver Maple
01:34:22 Quantum Mechanics Silver Maple
01:36:36 Explaining Gravity Silver Maple
01:38:43 Orbit Ebb & Flod
01:40:40 Crossing That Bridge Brendon Moeller
01:45:53 Callisto 8 Ben Elson
01:48:34 Charcoal Stream Curved Mirror
01:52:41 Formless Space Joseph Beg
01:57:38 Galaxy Reborn Mandala Dreams
02:01:27 Quadrants Ookean
02:04:39 Smouldering Brendon Moeller
02:08:48 Lantern Harbours & Oceans
02:11:24 Lucid Space Joseph Beg
02:14:37 Migratory Birds Curved Mirror
02:19:47 Swerve Space Lama House
02:22:30 Twostop By Lotus
02:27:06 Upon Entering Another Realm Brendon Moeller
02:33:58 Helix Nebula Curved Mirror
02:38:59 Lucid Space Joseph Beg
02:42:12 Smouldering Brendon Moeller
02:46:21 Unexpected Visitors Curved Mirror
02:51:21 Twostop By Lotus
02:55:58 Callisto 8 Ben Elson
02:58:38 Charcoal Stream Curved Mirror
03:02:45 Some Kind of Shadow Mochas

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