Sushi Go Party Board Game Music & Ambience

Step into the delightful world of sushi-making with our newest ambience video for Sushi Go Party!, the beloved board game. Let the captivating mix of Japanese-oiented music and a few fitting sound effects, along with engaging visuals, elevate your game nights.

Prepare your chopsticks for a flavorful adventure that enhances your Sushi Go Party! experience.

Excuse me, you don’t even own

Sushi Go Party?

You need to change that!

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About the Artists and Tracks

Visuals, Mixing, Editing & SFX:

  • Original Video material created by BoardGameMusic Team
  • Mixing, editing and layering with sound effects was done by the BoardGameMusic team.
  • The selection of tracks was made by the BoardGameMusic team with care to fit the theme and game.

Musicians and tracks in this video:

Timestamp Song Name Artist Name
00:00:00 Japanese Garden Sight of Wonders
00:01:54 Shi ga futari o wakatsu made Till Death Do Us Part idokay
00:04:18 Issho Together idokay
00:06:09 Hikaru To Shine Roie Shpigler
00:08:46 Long Distance Lovers Leimoti
00:10:44 Sushi Master Sight of Wonders
00:12:47 A Fair Lady Sight of Wonders
00:14:48 Sayonara Sun Mandala Dreams
00:17:47 Cherry Blossom Fall Joseph Beg
00:21:24 Night of the Yakuza Sight of Wonders
00:23:19 A Handmaiden’s Dream Leimoti
00:25:02 Japanese Temple Sight of Wonders
00:26:59 A Fair Lady Sight of Wonders
00:29:00 State of Zen Mandala Dreams
00:33:07 Sushi Master Sight of Wonders
00:35:09 Patience Is a Virtue Leimoti
00:36:56 Silk Paper Letters Leimoti
00:38:39 Sights of the Tokyo Tower Sight of Wonders
00:40:39 A Fair Lady Sight of Wonders
00:42:40 Across the Sea of Japan Mandala Dreams
00:46:09 Parks of Kyoto Sight of Wonders
00:48:12 Dystopian Dream Deskant
00:50:10 Father’s Honour Placidic
00:51:56 Greeted in Osaka Sight of Wonders
00:53:57 Kotojitoro Joseph Beg
00:57:28 New Rituals Leimoti
00:59:31 An Eastern Sanctuary Kyle Preston
01:02:09 Shakainmisaka Yuhodo idokay
01:06:10 Ichi-no-Tani idokay
01:09:53 Two of Many Deskant
01:11:51 Drops Of Golden Sun Yi Nantiro

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