Tainted Grail Board Game Music & Ambience

Embark on a mystical journey into the heart of Arthurian legends with proper Tainted Grail Music and Ambience in this video.

Let the haunting melodies and atmospheric sound effects transport you to the eerie, myth-shrouded isles of Avalon, enhancing your gameplay with an immersive audio-visual experience.

Prepare to face the darkness of Avalon!

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Tainted Grail?

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About the Artists and Tracks

Visuals, Mixing, Editing & SFX:

  • Original Video material created by BoardGameMusic Team
  • Mixing, editing and layering with sound effects was done by the BoardGameMusic team.
  • The selection of tracks was made by the BoardGameMusic team with care to fit the theme and game.

Musicians and tracks in this video:

Timestamp Song Name Artist Name
00:00Dead BodiesExperia
01:58Converging MirrorsDEX 1200
04:43Snow Clad PlainsChristoffer Moe Ditlevsen
07:48Crime CityAlec Slayne
09:48Midnight SunSavvun
12:38Mystery PalaceSpectacles Wallet and Watch
14:47Decently PerfectJay Varton
16:57DecomposedPhilip Ayers
20:03Devil In DisguiseGabriel Parker
22:26Did You Try Your BestAlec Slayne
24:33Enemy TerritoryDream Cave
26:50Exit FadeDEX 1200
30:58HornDEX 1200
34:50In the WoodsSpectacles Wallet and Watch
36:55LamentSpectacles Wallet and Watch
39:13MainlanderDream Cave
45:22Dark TavernWalt Adams
47:18Day ZeroSpectacles Wallet and Watch
49:03PrimordialJoseph Beg
53:18SlasherSpectacles Wallet and Watch
55:26Sneaky SuspicionAnthony Earls
57:43We Were LegendsMaree Docia
59:43Sleeping PlanetHoward Harper-Barnes
01:01:53A Cold WindSavvun
01:04:58Across the MeadowHanna Lindgren
01:08:49Closer to HomeSpectacles Wallet and Watch
01:10:41My VeinsSpectacles Wallet and Watch
01:12:53Need to Go BackSpectacles Wallet and Watch
01:14:56Converging MirrorsDEX 1200
01:17:41DecomposedPhilip Ayers
01:20:48Terra FirmaDream Cave
01:23:03The Demon InsideSpectacles Wallet and Watch
01:25:03The DetectiveChristoffer Moe Ditlevsen
01:28:13Through The StormSavvun
01:30:58Unsolved IssuesMagnus Ludvigsson
01:34:27Water Pipes and Belly DancersFranz Gordon
01:37:51Dead BodiesExperia
01:39:49Did You Try Your BestAlec Slayne
01:41:58Enemy TerritoryDream Cave
01:44:13Exit FadeDEX 1200
01:48:24Crime CityAlec Slayne
01:50:22DecomposedPhilip Ayers
01:53:31Through The StormSavvun
01:56:18DecomposedPhilip Ayers
01:59:25Crime CityAlec Slayne
02:01:23Crime CityAlec Slayne
02:03:23Crime CityAlec Slayne
02:05:23Mystery PalaceSpectacles Wallet and Watch
02:07:28Decently PerfectJay Varton
02:09:41Did You Try Your BestAlec Slayne
02:11:53Devil In DisguiseGabriel Parker
02:14:12In the WoodsSpectacles Wallet and Watch
02:16:17MainlanderDream Cave
02:18:38LamentSpectacles Wallet and Watch
03:20:59Dark TavernWalt Adams
02:22:53Sneaky SuspicionAnthony Earls
03:25:15Dead BodiesExperia
02:27:13The Demon InsideSpectacles Wallet and Watch
02:29:14Across the MeadowHanna Lindgren
02:33:04Exit FadeDEX 1200
02:37:13DecomposedPhilip Ayers
02:40:18DecomposedPhilip Ayers
02:43:26Across the MeadowHanna Lindgren
02:47:16Closer to HomeSpectacles Wallet and Watch
02:49:08My VeinsSpectacles Wallet and Watch
02:51:21Need to Go BackSpectacles Wallet and Watch
02:53:22Converging MirrorsDEX 1200
02:56:08Converging MirrorsDEX 1200
02:58:53DecomposedPhilip Ayers

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