Terraforming Mars Board Game Music & Ambience

Welcome to this unique ambient background music video that we created especially for fans of the Terraforming Mars board game!

This atmospheric music will take your gaming experience to a whole new level and transport you directly to Mars. 🚀🔴

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Terraforming Mars?

You need to change that!

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About the Artists and Tracks

Visuals, Mixing, Editing & SFX:

  • Original Video material by BoardGameMusic Team
  • Mixing, editing and layering with sound effects was done by the BoardGameMusic team.
  • The selection of tracks was made by the BoardGameMusic team with care to fit the theme and game.

Musicians and tracks in this video:

Timestamp Song Name Artist Name
00:00:00 Solstice Tobias Voigt
00:02:31 Bionic Tobias Voigt
00:05:59 Laniakea Moire
01:00:00 Artificial Intelligence Soundroll
01:02:00 Constellations Simon Folwar
01:04:27 Fading Danijel Zambo
01:06:42 Lost in Thoughts AK
01:08:32 Moon Landing Adi Goldstein
01:10:43 Beach Coma Yeti Music
01:12:55 Forsaken Roger Gabalda
01:14:53 Fragments Tobias Voigt
01:17:53 Angels Danijel Zambo
01:20:28 Blank Light Adi Goldstein
01:22:55 Serenity Danijel Zambo
01:25:30 Silent Line Adi Goldstein
01:27:28 The Voice in Desert Paulo Kalazzi
01:28:54 Brave All Good Folks
01:30:34 Tunnel Danijel Zambo
01:33:30 Blank Light Adi Goldstein
01:35:57 Breathe Danijel Zambo
01:37:57 Daydreamer Brock Hewitt
01:39:49 Majestic Planet All Good Folks
01:41:43 The Sweetest Cutesy Chamber Ensemble
01:43:07 Tiles Ambient Boy
01:46:42 Galaxy Garden Adi Goldstein
01:48:56 I Can Hear The Ocean Vens Adams
01:51:06 Lost in Thoughts AK
01:53:17 Stardust Danijel Zambo
01:56:31 Tiles Ambient Boy
01:59:06 Star Travelers Adi Goldstein
02:01:22 Majestic Planet All Good Folks
02:03:16 House of Future Monument Music
02:05:56 Galaxy Garden Adi Goldstein
02:08:10 Fragments Tobias Voigt
02:10:49 House of Future Monument Music
02:13:06 Star Travelers Adi Goldstein
02:15:23 The Fallout Future Forests
02:17:24 Tunnel Danijel Zambo
02:20:20 Stardust Danijel Zambo
02:23:34 Deep Mind IMG

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